Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sailor senshi fanart

well, I was cleaning my computer and I found this picture.

This is a fan art that I did of Aino Minako from Sailormoon and lead character from Sailor V. Granted that this was drawn back in November I still felt like sharing. I drew this after b-ville and I saw this website mainly for Anime fanarts and saw that the girls that created the site did nothing but trace screen shots. So during my afternoon tea outing with my mom, I thought that I'll give it a try to see how much closer to the original Naoko's art I can do free hand. The drawing is done with a black micron pen on a piece of napkin. I don't think that I lost my touch in drawing fan art but of course nothing is better than the original artist.

To this day Sailormoon is still my idol!

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