Friday, December 31, 2010

The double square

This is a ring that I made when I was studying at NJCU. I do miss jewelry making but not all the cuts and burns.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is a present from Rickman, my neighbor :D
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Getting back into shows

This is my first commission work :) A sketch to match the dragonfly stamp in the corner.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

For the remaining days of 2010..

I was really happy that NYCC was very successful this year. Aside from the people that I met, sales was also good with my products and commission requests. I would consider this to be the most successful when I compared with past conventions and shows. It's great to get the exposure but even better when it leads to long term gigs and friendships. The convention itself have ate up most of my time and now I'm finally getting some down time to start catching up on other things such as blogging.

For the remaining of the year. I will be working on the OM projects. Hopefully our beta will be ready for testing soon. As for GU I'm caught up with our comic and maybe I can start on our Mini GU site. It's still a good plan to me =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NYCC 2010 - prep

So there was a Garfield comic strip where he was talking about the fountain of youth. Instead he found the next best thing, COFFEE! To tell the truth, it definitely is. I was falling asleep at my desk today. To a point where I fell asleep and my tablet pen slide across the work area. It was a very interesting scribble that appared over my Photoshop file. So, "Hello, Mr. Coffee. Thank you for keeping us going." =D

NYCC is around the corner with only 2 days left for preparations. Since this is my last convention this year or maybe the last forever. This time I narrowed down to only a few things, the limited print of the GU poster, mini prints, a few prints of original illustrations and maybe some originals will be on my table! Better yet, this is the first time ever, where things are done nicely and I was able to get ahead of schedule with my printing and packing. So nice and relaxing haha I call this the calm before the storm. I hope the NYCC storm will hit me hard because it means that I will be a very busy bee =D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pre-Memorial Weekend!

We are finally going to have a long weekend! Woot! Three LONG days of play play and play!! So in order to make sure the playtime is to the fullest, my goals this week is to accomplished the following tasks by the end of Thursday. Seriously speaking, the partying starts Friday at 6:01pm.

Task list:
1: Finalize tiles
2: Begin working on the logo or the UI designs.

Yeah there's only 2 things on the list but it's definitely going to rob my week nights of relaxing this week. Some say, I should relax after work, but my response is that I will relax once this is done because I know that the repayment for the work we are pulling in will definitely worth it.

I really want to stay buzzed for the three day weekend too so I have to make sure work is done and also clear out some space in the freezer for some Woodchuck Cider Beer. Whoever that have never tried it in slush form should really start exploring that.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bronx Hero Comic Con - Recap

Yay finally a recapping post! Things got a bit crazy after the con. The usual things of work, play, work, work, eat, play, play and more play. hahaha But seriously, I just had a lot of work to catch up on.


Bronx Hero Con was definitely a nice experience. Thanks a munch shout out to my friend, Tess. I shared a tables with my friends just like the previous convention, Kids con, we had our prints, comics, novel and of course the face painting! The con itself was pretty small. It was held in the gymasium of the Hostos Community College in Bronx, NY. Even thought it was small it was pretty successful on my part. I had a decent sales and got a few commissions. But the best part of this event compared to the other ones I attended this year was a group of girls that I met. They are really enthustastic and all very talented young ladies. They reminded me of how I use to be when I was back at the AIPH age. Really motivated and trying to team up with friends to work on animations. Well I still team up with friends but now we also clarify more on the Business VS Play. Meaning if it's business and someone do something stupid we are allowed to kick them and then cruicify them with cruel mockery. Okay so that's the play part. Or simply how Tess says, "I'm gonna poke you!" while I say, "prepare to be kicked!"

I normally end with posting an artwork that I did but lately technologies have not been too friendly with me. So it will be a later thing.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bronx Hero Con 2010!

Please come and join me and 3 other fellow AIPH graduates at the fun fill day at the Bronx Hero Con this Saturday! It's been really busy this week for another convention preparation. This time I am selling original mini arts! It's only going to be inked, no color. I want to test the water before decided on putting color to it. Since my scanner is not being cooperative I will be posting up photos instead of high quality scan of these illustration later.

What: Bronx Hero Comic Con
Where: Hostos Community College in Bronx, NY
When: Saturday, May 1st.
Why: To support us AND it's Free Comic Day!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventurous Thursday!

Today was probably the most adventurous day ever at my office.

We hunted for goblins and giant spiders at the stairways and then ventured into the wild wild west and hung out with Bob the Trader. Later on, we had some voice acting fun going on with a lot of laughs. Finally, creating probably one of my own favorite pixel piece that I have done (left).

Okay now back to prepare for the rush! Will be updating tomorrow night! ^.~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Illustrator is my good friend at work and the Keyboard is my BEST friend. Why, because of the short cut keys! Yeah, having shortcut keys is so much more effient especially in a fast pace work environment. The thing that I have been working on had some changes that requires, well, redrawing a lot of things from characters to backgrounds. At least the slogan is cool and I have a nice Starbucks coffee with soy sitting next to me. Oh and my toys, I think, is plotting something against me and I have proof!

This is what I was able to take a shot of with my camera phone, yeah camera function is not that great but...Look at all the bulging eyes, the crazy eyes and the shady ones with dark circle eyes. They looks cute but don't let them fool you!

After I took this photo I sort of want to take more of my toys at work.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Hi we on the 15th floor celebrated the Happy Tuesday with a big bag of chocolate....EGGS! Well I think it was leftovers from Easter but hey who doesn't like chocolate? Especially FREE chocolate. So that is today's topic. Free goodies. It's not a free goodies day but the saying of free goodies reminds me of how people ask people for free sketches at conventions. What my friends and I have concluded is: If you want a free sketch just say it straight out. Skip the whole "oh I really like your art" "how did you get so good" "do you practice a lot" etc. etc. yeah yeah whatever! Thinking back at it, it was VERY annoying. Just get to the point! How hard is that right?

I hope at the next con it will not happen but then this time we are not giving out free sketches. Well unless they are under 10 years old and not that much taller than the table. Of course they also have to be uber cute and behaving. That's not asking too much right?

1: Climbed the whole 15 flights of stairs at work
2: Meeting at work was good and over! Now more researching.

Monday, April 19, 2010

National Geographic Kids

Today I got assigned to work on an fullpage print ad for my company. Better yet, I found out that it is to be placed in the National Geographic Kids magazine! Okay so here's the nerdy part of me. I LOVE NGK, well when I was reading it, it was called National Geographic World or something. Either way this is very exciting for me. For once my work will be printed in a world wide magazine. Okay, last time in ImagineFX counted too but it was just quarter of a page compared to now I get a full. Some can say that it's just an advertisement but how we roll here, everything is a full illustration. So I pretty much have to do everything from scratch, except the logo. This time I even get to come up with some slogans. Once it is sent out, I have to remember to pick up a copy myself. Hey, it's still a good read of fun facts.

This is how things just feel like sometimes:

This image is a print screen of my company's site, a little corner of it. That's right there is my little avatar! I also designed the whole outfit, hair, and the board (which you can't see). This month there were alot of new features and goodies on the site. The shark was just one of the new characters that moved in. He sort of took over the ocean. Plus this forever run-on inside joke with my friend, I should just document it.

Oh and this has nothing to do with the previous illustration sketch that I posted. It was just coincidental that it's both sharks.


Since it's Monday and a new week, I'm going to change the posting of the daily to-do list. I find it a bit difficult simply because I get home really late from the office and sometimes the task gets rolled over to the next evening. Therefore, I'm going to try a weekly to-do list.

April 19 - 25, 2010 list:

  1. Treasure hunting! Have to find some old client works to be sent to GU.
  2. Rough sketches for potientially new prints.
  3. Clean out that box under my computer desk.
  4. Drop off and pick up baby cousin from school.
  5. Try to schedule a Hush meeting.
  6. 30 min workout 3 times this week.
  7. Plan out outfit for Friday. What comes before Part-B? PART-A!!!
I might add more later but that's it for now.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rain rain go away!

Yay! TGIF...except that the Mr. Sun decided to really hid from us not because of sundown but because Ms. Rainy wants to come out and play. We could've sang "singing in the rain" but on the long awaited Friday for Ms. Rainy to come out, it makes it all crummy.

BUT! Yes there is a but to this. I left work, stop at Trader's Joe and still managed to get home by 7:30!! That, my friend, calls for a victory toast! hahaha

Today I was able to finish one of the NPC. Yay! I will post it but I can't until it's until then enjoy this little thingie (Top) that I found on my HD. I did this when I was playing with the Illustrator's custom brushes for the first time. This was done really quickly, as you can tell, for a sketch challenge with my friends. I was trying to find a good way to ink my work without really inking it and then scanning.

4/16/2010 Goals:
1: Have a martini
2: Go to Trader's Joe
3: Pack bag for weekend trip
4: Continue writing report...... -______-;;

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday....TAX DAY!

Yay! Tax Day! No, nothing to be excited about but I was good and got it done 2 weeks ago so no giant line at the post office for me. hehehe To

Today I managed to get the base done for an animated NPC for work. Now all I have to do it clean it up a bit more and animate the flag. I can't wait until this one is done and I can start on the 2nd one.

Oh and I read an interesting comic.

It's prob the COOLEST espresso machine you will find! I wish we have something like this at work. lolz

4/15/2010 Task/Goals:
1) Start drafting overview of report for work.
2) Drink a glass of martini =D

Yeah not much on the task list tonight. That report will be taking up my weekend. Of course that is not going to stop me from trying to have fun with my girls. Well noo fun-fun but I can still have fun. Maybe some sketch battles? That would be nice.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Convention weekend! Part 2

What: Castle Point Anime Con (CPAC) 2010
When: April 11, 2010
Where: Snevets! Hoboken, NJ.

Note: Just so whoever that is reading this, Snevets is Stevens spelled backwards and we call it Snevets because of an inside joke that is just too long to explain. We'll just say that it's funny.

This is my third year at CPAC. The year attendance have reached over 1000. Which is impressive for the fact that this is still a fairly small convention. Of course, the CPAC staff, in my opinion, are the nicest people and always helpful.

Like most cons there are the good things and the bad things. We just have to take it all. I sold some original art which I enjoy a lot more than selling fan arts. Got a commission work to draw Tifa and Reno from Final Fantasy: Advent Children (LEFT). Normally I would love to do more commission work but because of work and Kids Con the day before it was better that I took it easy. So right after the commission I started to work on the character designs for the collaboration gig.

For the overall con, I cannot tell how it was because I didn't go around to see the panels or workshops. This year I didn't stay for the after party either. However, simply because I got my Dunkin Donut fix twice was enough to make it an enjoyable day.


Here are few of the pictures from Kids Con.

This little boy wanted Sonic. We had a long conversation of who is faster. Sonic or Flash.

These 2 girls came right after each other. One got her face painted first (Left) and one was looking through our print books (right).

I had to draw over them to protect their identity. hehehe


4/14/2010 Goal List:

1) Convention recap pt.2
2) Activate new card and other banking stuff. Yay!
3) Continue with replying emails.
4) Get ready for bed and nappy by 10:30!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Convention weekend! Part 1

For April it has been fairly busy. I had 2 conventions back to back, meaning one on one day and the other one was the next day. Both were fairly good experiences however it does make one very tired. That it took about 2 days to recover back to functioning state and probably will take the rest of the week to get rid of the cold that came with the aftermath.

As a briefing for the both cons I will be writing it in separate entries. Part one is to recap Kids Comic Con 2010.


What: Kids Comic Con
Date: April 10, 2010
Location: Bronx Community College, NY

This was a small convention held mainly for introducing children to the wonderful world of comic. How I saw it was a great family time for parents to spend a day with their kids or aunt and uncles with their nieces and nephews. The con was pretty successful to my friends and I. I shared a table with two of my friends from AI. My friend Tysheia, sold her prints and her recently published book, JUDE along with a comic that she wrote titled The Might Owl. I highly recommend people to pick it up if they have a chance. The other beautiful lady was Pirate Pebs! Most probably have seen her running around conventions in the pirate persona that she created. She was selling her jewelry and offered face painting for the little ones. Along with her, she brought, Kaj, the Gift-giving Pirate.

I had my prints for sale but instead of selling prints I gave away a lot! I really can't say no to these little critters. I helped a bit with face painting, or so I attempted. Kaj was distracting me the whole time! One of the promotions for this convention is that all artists were giving out free sketches so I did a bunch ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to Chung-Li. Pictures will come late. I got a few permissions to post, but because they are still kids I need to play doctor to these photos.

The best thing that came out of it was seeing Thomas Hall, the writer for Blacklist Studios, again. I first met him at the Big Apple Comic Con of 2009. It was then when I was introduced to the first Issue of R13 and was kept on the edge wondering what happens next until this pass Saturday. I was finally able to get Issue 2 & 3 from Tom, as goodies! I gave him back a Aries card that I made with my Zodiac chibis that I drew a few years back. Okay sidetrackness! Tom came up to me with an intriguing collaboration idea, with him being the writer and me being the artist. That's all I'm going to say for now. I like to keep things under wrapped until it's ready. So let see where this goes. I hope it turns into something great, actually we both do.


To get back into the habit of writing and getting rid of sidetracking, I will now start a list with daily goals that I want to achieve when I get home from work.

4/13/2010 Goals:
1: Respond to important emails.
2: Write blog entry: recap of convention.
3: Finish watching "17 Again" so I can return it the next day.
4: Start cleaning up the pile my sister left sitting on my desk.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness!

As March Madness was quite full of madness. We were greeted by the Mad Hatter from Wonderland and then greeted with the worse possible rain storm ever. My company moved to a new building but on the first day there was no running water or electricity because of it. Traffic and parking is, less of a better word, sucks! Two of my group members moved to Vegas and some moron scrapped my new car. Fiddle-sticks to that. Oh and people taking turn getting sick.

So as continuation with work and all. I have been gaining more experience with pixel work (left; boy magician character that I designed for the event) and now we are starting our training with Flash starting in April. I'm actually really excited for that since I have been wanting to play with that program again. Tonight I was looking through my backup files and found some old Flash animations that I did. Not that it's something overly great but it definitely told me how much I forgot and how much I loved to animate. So why did I stop anyway? I guess coming up with a great concept firstly can be difficult. Secondly, well, I used Flash for building websites more after graduation. I remember that it was FlashMX when I started and now it's CS4 with Actionscript 3.0. Oh my! Well, I hope it goes well. After all, it's an additional knowledge that will help. And well, (hopefully) no more for scripting!

Now with only 2 weeks of March left we celebrate the first day of Spring. With the day being 70 degrees we celebrated with a Bacon Fest. Yes, exactly how it is. We cooked 2 packs of bacon and ate only that with soda and beer. This is one crazy (and tummy satisfying) month!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

2009 was like a mediocre cookie. It's sort of good but filled with..CRUMMIES!!!! Yes, '08 was not good but '09 was pretty much worse until the end of the year. the last quarter of the year was great for finally getting a job in the field as an Illustrator! Yes! It finally happened. Getting paid to draw, what is there to complain about? The commute is great, the people are really nice and I'm surrounded by yummy food. Yes, that is crucial since that is brain food.

So plans for 2010? Being more creative! I still have to post the last few illustrations that I created since the last post. (I will get that done, it's on my resolution list) So I have a good 2 weeks to accomplish it while follow the 90% population of the world of keeping their resolution for the first two weeks.

Anywho, as my first splurge and guilty pleasure of 2010, I treated myself to "The Swan Princess" DVD. Not much of a guilty pleasure, right? To me, it still is. First off it's a classic story and secondly, I loved the animation. Three cheers to traditional animations! Maybe this year I'll be able to finally do an animation short. There has been a lot of pass things that I'm not doing anymore that's really time consuming so, it should be possible, right? If not, finish drawing my friend's comic would be a good start.