Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NYCC 2010 - prep

So there was a Garfield comic strip where he was talking about the fountain of youth. Instead he found the next best thing, COFFEE! To tell the truth, it definitely is. I was falling asleep at my desk today. To a point where I fell asleep and my tablet pen slide across the work area. It was a very interesting scribble that appared over my Photoshop file. So, "Hello, Mr. Coffee. Thank you for keeping us going." =D

NYCC is around the corner with only 2 days left for preparations. Since this is my last convention this year or maybe the last forever. This time I narrowed down to only a few things, the limited print of the GU poster, mini prints, a few prints of original illustrations and maybe some originals will be on my table! Better yet, this is the first time ever, where things are done nicely and I was able to get ahead of schedule with my printing and packing. So nice and relaxing haha I call this the calm before the storm. I hope the NYCC storm will hit me hard because it means that I will be a very busy bee =D

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