Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Hi we on the 15th floor celebrated the Happy Tuesday with a big bag of chocolate....EGGS! Well I think it was leftovers from Easter but hey who doesn't like chocolate? Especially FREE chocolate. So that is today's topic. Free goodies. It's not a free goodies day but the saying of free goodies reminds me of how people ask people for free sketches at conventions. What my friends and I have concluded is: If you want a free sketch just say it straight out. Skip the whole "oh I really like your art" "how did you get so good" "do you practice a lot" etc. etc. yeah yeah whatever! Thinking back at it, it was VERY annoying. Just get to the point! How hard is that right?

I hope at the next con it will not happen but then this time we are not giving out free sketches. Well unless they are under 10 years old and not that much taller than the table. Of course they also have to be uber cute and behaving. That's not asking too much right?

1: Climbed the whole 15 flights of stairs at work
2: Meeting at work was good and over! Now more researching.

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