Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Illustrator is my good friend at work and the Keyboard is my BEST friend. Why, because of the short cut keys! Yeah, having shortcut keys is so much more effient especially in a fast pace work environment. The thing that I have been working on had some changes that requires, well, redrawing a lot of things from characters to backgrounds. At least the slogan is cool and I have a nice Starbucks coffee with soy sitting next to me. Oh and my toys, I think, is plotting something against me and I have proof!

This is what I was able to take a shot of with my camera phone, yeah camera function is not that great but...Look at all the bulging eyes, the crazy eyes and the shady ones with dark circle eyes. They looks cute but don't let them fool you!

After I took this photo I sort of want to take more of my toys at work.

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