Friday, April 16, 2010

Rain rain go away!

Yay! TGIF...except that the Mr. Sun decided to really hid from us not because of sundown but because Ms. Rainy wants to come out and play. We could've sang "singing in the rain" but on the long awaited Friday for Ms. Rainy to come out, it makes it all crummy.

BUT! Yes there is a but to this. I left work, stop at Trader's Joe and still managed to get home by 7:30!! That, my friend, calls for a victory toast! hahaha

Today I was able to finish one of the NPC. Yay! I will post it but I can't until it's until then enjoy this little thingie (Top) that I found on my HD. I did this when I was playing with the Illustrator's custom brushes for the first time. This was done really quickly, as you can tell, for a sketch challenge with my friends. I was trying to find a good way to ink my work without really inking it and then scanning.

4/16/2010 Goals:
1: Have a martini
2: Go to Trader's Joe
3: Pack bag for weekend trip
4: Continue writing report...... -______-;;

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