Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Convention weekend! Part 2

What: Castle Point Anime Con (CPAC) 2010
When: April 11, 2010
Where: Snevets! Hoboken, NJ.

Note: Just so whoever that is reading this, Snevets is Stevens spelled backwards and we call it Snevets because of an inside joke that is just too long to explain. We'll just say that it's funny.

This is my third year at CPAC. The year attendance have reached over 1000. Which is impressive for the fact that this is still a fairly small convention. Of course, the CPAC staff, in my opinion, are the nicest people and always helpful.

Like most cons there are the good things and the bad things. We just have to take it all. I sold some original art which I enjoy a lot more than selling fan arts. Got a commission work to draw Tifa and Reno from Final Fantasy: Advent Children (LEFT). Normally I would love to do more commission work but because of work and Kids Con the day before it was better that I took it easy. So right after the commission I started to work on the character designs for the collaboration gig.

For the overall con, I cannot tell how it was because I didn't go around to see the panels or workshops. This year I didn't stay for the after party either. However, simply because I got my Dunkin Donut fix twice was enough to make it an enjoyable day.


Here are few of the pictures from Kids Con.

This little boy wanted Sonic. We had a long conversation of who is faster. Sonic or Flash.

These 2 girls came right after each other. One got her face painted first (Left) and one was looking through our print books (right).

I had to draw over them to protect their identity. hehehe


4/14/2010 Goal List:

1) Convention recap pt.2
2) Activate new card and other banking stuff. Yay!
3) Continue with replying emails.
4) Get ready for bed and nappy by 10:30!

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