Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Convention weekend! Part 1

For April it has been fairly busy. I had 2 conventions back to back, meaning one on one day and the other one was the next day. Both were fairly good experiences however it does make one very tired. That it took about 2 days to recover back to functioning state and probably will take the rest of the week to get rid of the cold that came with the aftermath.

As a briefing for the both cons I will be writing it in separate entries. Part one is to recap Kids Comic Con 2010.


What: Kids Comic Con
Date: April 10, 2010
Location: Bronx Community College, NY

This was a small convention held mainly for introducing children to the wonderful world of comic. How I saw it was a great family time for parents to spend a day with their kids or aunt and uncles with their nieces and nephews. The con was pretty successful to my friends and I. I shared a table with two of my friends from AI. My friend Tysheia, sold her prints and her recently published book, JUDE along with a comic that she wrote titled The Might Owl. I highly recommend people to pick it up if they have a chance. The other beautiful lady was Pirate Pebs! Most probably have seen her running around conventions in the pirate persona that she created. She was selling her jewelry and offered face painting for the little ones. Along with her, she brought, Kaj, the Gift-giving Pirate.

I had my prints for sale but instead of selling prints I gave away a lot! I really can't say no to these little critters. I helped a bit with face painting, or so I attempted. Kaj was distracting me the whole time! One of the promotions for this convention is that all artists were giving out free sketches so I did a bunch ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to Chung-Li. Pictures will come late. I got a few permissions to post, but because they are still kids I need to play doctor to these photos.

The best thing that came out of it was seeing Thomas Hall, the writer for Blacklist Studios, again. I first met him at the Big Apple Comic Con of 2009. It was then when I was introduced to the first Issue of R13 and was kept on the edge wondering what happens next until this pass Saturday. I was finally able to get Issue 2 & 3 from Tom, as goodies! I gave him back a Aries card that I made with my Zodiac chibis that I drew a few years back. Okay sidetrackness! Tom came up to me with an intriguing collaboration idea, with him being the writer and me being the artist. That's all I'm going to say for now. I like to keep things under wrapped until it's ready. So let see where this goes. I hope it turns into something great, actually we both do.


To get back into the habit of writing and getting rid of sidetracking, I will now start a list with daily goals that I want to achieve when I get home from work.

4/13/2010 Goals:
1: Respond to important emails.
2: Write blog entry: recap of convention.
3: Finish watching "17 Again" so I can return it the next day.
4: Start cleaning up the pile my sister left sitting on my desk.

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