Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness!

As March Madness was quite full of madness. We were greeted by the Mad Hatter from Wonderland and then greeted with the worse possible rain storm ever. My company moved to a new building but on the first day there was no running water or electricity because of it. Traffic and parking is, less of a better word, sucks! Two of my group members moved to Vegas and some moron scrapped my new car. Fiddle-sticks to that. Oh and people taking turn getting sick.

So as continuation with work and all. I have been gaining more experience with pixel work (left; boy magician character that I designed for the event) and now we are starting our training with Flash starting in April. I'm actually really excited for that since I have been wanting to play with that program again. Tonight I was looking through my backup files and found some old Flash animations that I did. Not that it's something overly great but it definitely told me how much I forgot and how much I loved to animate. So why did I stop anyway? I guess coming up with a great concept firstly can be difficult. Secondly, well, I used Flash for building websites more after graduation. I remember that it was FlashMX when I started and now it's CS4 with Actionscript 3.0. Oh my! Well, I hope it goes well. After all, it's an additional knowledge that will help. And well, (hopefully) no more for scripting!

Now with only 2 weeks of March left we celebrate the first day of Spring. With the day being 70 degrees we celebrated with a Bacon Fest. Yes, exactly how it is. We cooked 2 packs of bacon and ate only that with soda and beer. This is one crazy (and tummy satisfying) month!

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