Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

2009 was like a mediocre cookie. It's sort of good but filled with..CRUMMIES!!!! Yes, '08 was not good but '09 was pretty much worse until the end of the year. the last quarter of the year was great for finally getting a job in the field as an Illustrator! Yes! It finally happened. Getting paid to draw, what is there to complain about? The commute is great, the people are really nice and I'm surrounded by yummy food. Yes, that is crucial since that is brain food.

So plans for 2010? Being more creative! I still have to post the last few illustrations that I created since the last post. (I will get that done, it's on my resolution list) So I have a good 2 weeks to accomplish it while follow the 90% population of the world of keeping their resolution for the first two weeks.

Anywho, as my first splurge and guilty pleasure of 2010, I treated myself to "The Swan Princess" DVD. Not much of a guilty pleasure, right? To me, it still is. First off it's a classic story and secondly, I loved the animation. Three cheers to traditional animations! Maybe this year I'll be able to finally do an animation short. There has been a lot of pass things that I'm not doing anymore that's really time consuming so, it should be possible, right? If not, finish drawing my friend's comic would be a good start.

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