Monday, April 19, 2010

National Geographic Kids

Today I got assigned to work on an fullpage print ad for my company. Better yet, I found out that it is to be placed in the National Geographic Kids magazine! Okay so here's the nerdy part of me. I LOVE NGK, well when I was reading it, it was called National Geographic World or something. Either way this is very exciting for me. For once my work will be printed in a world wide magazine. Okay, last time in ImagineFX counted too but it was just quarter of a page compared to now I get a full. Some can say that it's just an advertisement but how we roll here, everything is a full illustration. So I pretty much have to do everything from scratch, except the logo. This time I even get to come up with some slogans. Once it is sent out, I have to remember to pick up a copy myself. Hey, it's still a good read of fun facts.

This is how things just feel like sometimes:

This image is a print screen of my company's site, a little corner of it. That's right there is my little avatar! I also designed the whole outfit, hair, and the board (which you can't see). This month there were alot of new features and goodies on the site. The shark was just one of the new characters that moved in. He sort of took over the ocean. Plus this forever run-on inside joke with my friend, I should just document it.

Oh and this has nothing to do with the previous illustration sketch that I posted. It was just coincidental that it's both sharks.


Since it's Monday and a new week, I'm going to change the posting of the daily to-do list. I find it a bit difficult simply because I get home really late from the office and sometimes the task gets rolled over to the next evening. Therefore, I'm going to try a weekly to-do list.

April 19 - 25, 2010 list:

  1. Treasure hunting! Have to find some old client works to be sent to GU.
  2. Rough sketches for potientially new prints.
  3. Clean out that box under my computer desk.
  4. Drop off and pick up baby cousin from school.
  5. Try to schedule a Hush meeting.
  6. 30 min workout 3 times this week.
  7. Plan out outfit for Friday. What comes before Part-B? PART-A!!!
I might add more later but that's it for now.

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