Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday....TAX DAY!

Yay! Tax Day! No, nothing to be excited about but I was good and got it done 2 weeks ago so no giant line at the post office for me. hehehe To

Today I managed to get the base done for an animated NPC for work. Now all I have to do it clean it up a bit more and animate the flag. I can't wait until this one is done and I can start on the 2nd one.

Oh and I read an interesting comic.

It's prob the COOLEST espresso machine you will find! I wish we have something like this at work. lolz

4/15/2010 Task/Goals:
1) Start drafting overview of report for work.
2) Drink a glass of martini =D

Yeah not much on the task list tonight. That report will be taking up my weekend. Of course that is not going to stop me from trying to have fun with my girls. Well noo fun-fun but I can still have fun. Maybe some sketch battles? That would be nice.

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