Wednesday, April 15, 2009

facial sketch - 01

I'm having a new attempt on things while there's some (imaginary) down time from projects.

So the criteria for the next couple of sketches are:
1. Can only work in monochromatic tone (I choose greyscale today)
2. Time Limit: 15 min
3. ONLY the brush tool is allowed to be used and nothing else. Traditionally, I can use pencil or pens, the main point is absolute NO erasing.
4. focus on facial anatomy
5. Lighting has to be shown
6. Reference are NOT allowed to be used


  1. wow, that's pretty frakkin cool considering you had all of those stipulations. you did an awesome job. it reminds me of a villain. good job.


  2. Thanx.

    Still rusty, I really hope to see improvement during this process.

  3. did i tell you.. this always remind me jj:grendel!