Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photo retouch

So has it really been a month since I have last posted?

As everyone can see I really haven't been drawing nor continue being active on my deviant for the past months. I call it the complete creative block. Picking up a pencil and placing the tip on a white sheet of paper, it still remain blank. Even though the thing I am mainly creating now are for print advertisements, I still prefer drawing.

After attending a seminar about photoretouching I picked up my stylus and decided to play something different. That's right. Photo retouching, and the most simple kind too. If you ask me, I think I'm on a decent start. Maybe this will get me back on track again. I only have one month left to draw an eight pages comic and four other illustrations. Oh boy, how can I achieve it?

These is a photo from my sister's graduation. Isn't she's adorable?
(original > retouched)

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