Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pre-Memorial Weekend!

We are finally going to have a long weekend! Woot! Three LONG days of play play and play!! So in order to make sure the playtime is to the fullest, my goals this week is to accomplished the following tasks by the end of Thursday. Seriously speaking, the partying starts Friday at 6:01pm.

Task list:
1: Finalize tiles
2: Begin working on the logo or the UI designs.

Yeah there's only 2 things on the list but it's definitely going to rob my week nights of relaxing this week. Some say, I should relax after work, but my response is that I will relax once this is done because I know that the repayment for the work we are pulling in will definitely worth it.

I really want to stay buzzed for the three day weekend too so I have to make sure work is done and also clear out some space in the freezer for some Woodchuck Cider Beer. Whoever that have never tried it in slush form should really start exploring that.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bronx Hero Comic Con - Recap

Yay finally a recapping post! Things got a bit crazy after the con. The usual things of work, play, work, work, eat, play, play and more play. hahaha But seriously, I just had a lot of work to catch up on.


Bronx Hero Con was definitely a nice experience. Thanks a munch shout out to my friend, Tess. I shared a tables with my friends just like the previous convention, Kids con, we had our prints, comics, novel and of course the face painting! The con itself was pretty small. It was held in the gymasium of the Hostos Community College in Bronx, NY. Even thought it was small it was pretty successful on my part. I had a decent sales and got a few commissions. But the best part of this event compared to the other ones I attended this year was a group of girls that I met. They are really enthustastic and all very talented young ladies. They reminded me of how I use to be when I was back at the AIPH age. Really motivated and trying to team up with friends to work on animations. Well I still team up with friends but now we also clarify more on the Business VS Play. Meaning if it's business and someone do something stupid we are allowed to kick them and then cruicify them with cruel mockery. Okay so that's the play part. Or simply how Tess says, "I'm gonna poke you!" while I say, "prepare to be kicked!"

I normally end with posting an artwork that I did but lately technologies have not been too friendly with me. So it will be a later thing.