Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creativity resuming?

So this creative block have been in my system for long while. As much as it is dormant during work hours I do think that it leaves a trail of side effects. It always take time to adjust to a new environment and schedule. This winter have been crazy since the first snow. Every single week it had snowed once or twice. Only this week, I do not remember seeing any flurries. Thank goodness for some warmth! "Oh if only it can last!" is what I have been saying, but as all good things happen, there is also an end. Cold is the weather for the first long weekend of the year. However, as the weather is getting warmer the last few days, and with the Lunar New Year and my dearest daddy's and sister's birthday celebration, I have felt nothing but joy and happiness. The "wall" that have been standing in my way is slowly, but steadily, breaking down. I feel spur of inspiration again and motivation to take on forgotten projects. All I have left to say is that this year I am going to try hard to stay out of this gloomy funk area because I chose to rip off certain distractions and annoyance like a Band-aid.

Good luck to everyone to a wonderful first quarter of the year.

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