Friday, October 14, 2011

NYCC 2011 aka NYAF 2011

So the time have finally come! It is the biggest event on this side of the coast for all comic lovers! It is the New York Comic Con 2011!!!! As most people have known NYCC have merged the New York Anime Fest into this one gigantic 4 days event! Yes. 4 Day!

I am proud to announce that this year, yours truly, was able to get a table at the Anime Artist Alley on the 4th Level! This year aside from the regular prints I brought back out the shot glasses (by special request from Valerie Freire) etched with the runes from The Mortal Instruments (which is also designed by Valerie). Also special thanks and shout out to Ground Up Studios for putting together a great anthology about our GU mascots, Nu & Star! For completing this comic anthology I put together a special digital CD just for NYCC. Of course this is a sneak in of a sales pitch, but hey, it's not just for promoting, I see it as really good news to be spread. ;)

Anyway, I hope anyone that is going to NYCC can stop by, check out my other works that is not on my DA account and maybe give me some feedback or to simply say hi =D

I am at table #C25 with fellow creative, Valerie Freire, one thing for sure we love making new friends! =D =D =D

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