Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oooopsie Daisy!

So for some of you that actually reads my blog or follow my updates you may have wondered why I have been posting pictures of just food findings. Well here is the funny story. The funny story started one day when I decided to download the blogger app for the Android phone. What a better way to get a good use out of your smart phone that to do all your book keeping, communications, gaming and all other miscellaneous things? All at the same time I actually started another blog to record my food finding. I spend 2010 taking pictures of all the food that I have enjoyed and liked just posted on my facebook that I finally decided to start a blog just for that. It is called "A Foodie's Love from A to Z" It was intended just for me but I also have fellow foodies that enjoys taking pictures of their meal and I invited them to contribute their photos while keeping to the criteria. Anyway, back to the story, I got the app so I can easily post pictures of my sketches and artsy fartsy things that I find interesting via my phone. In the midst of posting I didn't realize that my food was being posted to here instead of the other one. So there, that's the funny story.

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