Saturday, April 9, 2011

Manga Studio Debut 4

Oh my it have already been 2 months since I first installed Manga Studio Debut 4. A friend of mine gave me this program as a present because he believed that I would put it to good use. Well to say first, I greatly appreciated the gift and also his support in my works. Thanks Rhapsody!

So what to say about this program? One thing to make clear, I've never worked with any version of Manga Studio before so I have nothing to compare with except from what I usually do in Photoshop.

I mainly work on illustrations and craft works but have been wanting to work on a comic. Going back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator prove to be a bit annoying and also slowing down the system a lot. As much as the version I got is the Debut and not the EX I am still getting a good amount of features.

I have a tendency to work in the highest possible resolution that my MacBook can take before slowing down. For something that I want as a large print I work with 11" x 14" and I set it in 1200 dpi. Least to say Manga studio manages my illustration pages really well and at a faster performance because it takes lesser RAM to run than Photoshop. Just simply for cleaning and inking my sketches it run exceptionally smooth. My whole system was running without any lags or even hints of exhaustion. On the other hand, when I try to clean in Photoshop I have a fear that it will suddenly just crash and lose my work. Fortunately that haven't happened with MSD4.

This program have given me better line work (digitally) than in Illustrator because it easier to control as if you are actually inking on paper! Clean up is just as easy and the precision is great with erasing line (goodbye white-out!) One of the most interesting thing, and I mean interesting that I have not seen until CS5 is the rotation of the canvas. Maybe it was featured in CS4 but I sort of jumped from 3 to 5 but that is another story. I know, it is something that is not shocking but definitely shocking to me because I always have to turn my arm an odd way so just so I can get my stroke correctly.

Okay I'm done raving about MS for now. Someday I might just pick up the EX version when I get more into my comic.

Thanks for reading. =)

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  1. Hey, popped in here after reading your email that you sent out. Checked out the game via youtube, (sorry, don't have i-tunes, or android). Graphics are really cute and the interface easy to navigate.